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Ceramic Crowns and composite bonding

Excessive occlusal wear can alter the function and esthetic of our teeth.  Minimally invasive dentistry can be used to restore your teeth to their natural shape, color, and contours.        
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New Smile in 30 minutes

Occasionally, excessive wear on a single front tooth can cause shifting of teeth and an uneven smile.  A lot of times, we can perform a quick, relatively non-invasive correction by bonding composite fillings to the edges of the front teeth.  With this case, we were able to restore the proper length of the worn central incisor as well as re-contour the adjacent canines to have the appearance of lateral incisors (which were congenitally missing).  The
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New Smile – CEREC

Trauma to a front tooth can cause it to darken over time.  In many situations, traditional tooth whitening will not be sufficient to improve the esthetics.  In this case, we designed and fabricated an all ceramic restoration using our CEREC CAD/CAM capability.  The result is a strong, esthetic, long lasting restoration.  
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