State of the Art

We’re always striving to stay up to date at Paisner Dental Associates — not just in our education and certifications, but also with the industry’s standards of tools, techniques, and technologies. This is a key element of how we’re able to provide the best in dental care to our patients. Here are a few of these important areas:


Our practice meets or exceeds all of the requirements of the Centers of Disease Control, Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency for infection control procedures in the dental environment.

We provide the highest standards in sterilization and a sepsis, performing each procedure in a fashion that prevents cross-contamination. Our instruments are sterilized after each use using our steam and pressure autoclave. All dental units are equipped with a closed water system.


  • Our practice has been completely “paperless” since 2001.
  • We added the use of digital radiography in 2005. Digital radiography (including panoramic radiographs) allows us to, among other things, accurately diagnose tooth decay, infections, and pathology while using the minimal amount of radiation.
  • We are pleased to offer CAD-CAM crown technology.